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Stone or Porcelain?

This will depend on the surface you wish to use it on, what kind of wear and tear the surface will experience, the look you are wanting to achieve and your budget. Meranie will help make this decision easy!

Can you bring samples to my home?

Absolutely! We are proud to offer this service to all customers. Seeing samples in your own home, either with your current decor or other samples makes the design decision so much easier. Alternatively, we can arrange a private consultation of a greater range of samples at our showroom by appointment. Please note this is only open by arrangement so we can attend your needs without interuption by other customers.

What size tile should I choose?

Size matters! This can be a tough decision. Generally it comes down to the size of the room. Larger tiles work better in larger, open plan areas. It will also depend on the use of that surface and the colour you have in mind. Meranie can assess the space and offer a range of sizes that will suit.

What type of finish should I choose for my tile?

Again this will depend on the use of the space and the effect you are wanting to achieve. Tiles can come in polished, high gloss finishes or more natural, earthy tones. We have the technology to add a non slip surface to any tile you select.

How long does an installation take?

Of course it will depend on the scale of the job but as a general guide, an average kitchen can be prepared and laid within a working day. We will come back the next day to grout.

How long before I can walk on my tiled floor or use a tiled space (eg shower/bathroom)?

Generally, we advise to wait until the next day, so generally overnight is a rough guide. We will give you specific timeframes when we quote for the job.

What happens if my existing tiles needs to be uplifted due to earthquake damage?

No problem. We can remove your old tiles before preparing your surface for the new ones.

Would it be possible to match my existing tiles to replacement ones?

This can be very difficult as tile styles and sizes tend to have limited availability, so if your damaged tiles are more than a couple of years old, it can be a challenge to match them. Generally we can find something very similar and endeavour to blend them in to your existing ones.


How long before I can wash and clean them?

Once grouted, tiles need at least 5 hours to dry.

Can I keep the removed tiles? Will they be removed in one piece?

9 times out of 10 the glue holding them down will not give very easily so generally no there will be no full pieces. Uplifting will generally always harm your undertile heating also. This is really important to advise EQC if you think you have undertile heating. If we pull the tiles up and we find heating EQC will not pay to replace it.



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