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Tile Installation

Get your room professionally measured

A professional measurement of your house is a vital step for any tile installation projects. We'll come over to your home and check your site, confirm all measurements and see if you need any special requirements.

In Home Tile Installation

Meet with a flooring specialist in store

Visit our local Christchurch store at 40 Acheron Drive to check out your options and have a look at the variety of range of products.

Tile Install In Store

Unlimited Tile Options

There's almost no limit with a professional tile installation at Stone and Tile Solutions. Our cutting edge experts are well versed with the latest industry standards and will be able to provide you the with the modern trends as well as thinking outside the box.

Tile Installers

At Stone and Tile Solution our specialists are local in Christchurch, licensed, insured, and we simply work with the best.

Health and Safety

Updating and keeping up with Health and Safety is a vital part of our business. We are committed to making a healthy and safe future by clear communication that prevents accidents and promotes protection of the environment.


3 Steps for Easy Tile Installation

1. Make an Estimate for the Tile Installation Project

The first step in tiling is finding out how many tiles you need. Whether tiling floors , showers, or walls, you should start by the exact measurement of the area then multiply it by 110% to account for edges of rooms and other potential miscalculations. Once you know how much tiling is needed per square metre, this will make it easier to compare what you want to install.

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2. Get a Professional Measurement of Your Home

A professional in-home measurement will be a requirement for any flooring install. We'll come to your site and check measurements as well as any special requirements to install your tiles.

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3. Meet a Tiling Specialist In-Store

Visit us at 40 Acheron Drive, Christchurch to explore your options and get a look at the variety of decorative selection we have.

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